As cars continue to evolve, so do their car care checklists. Nowadays, lists recommend checking lots of tech-rich components inside the cabin. Many lists still mention quite a few common, old-fashioned springtime car care tips. Our Saco, ME Bill Dodge Nissan team selected some for your info.

Have Your Tires Rotated

Even if you have all-season tires, springtime is a good time to have your vehicle's tires rotated. Unchanged tire position can cause uneven tread wear unless you have your tires rotated every six months. Rotation exposes all sides of the tire to even wear. Optimal tread depth across the entire face of the tire is essential to on-road grip, handling, and better fuel efficiency. Rotation also extends tire lifespan.

Check Under the Hood

Winter temperatures are brutal on car components. Going into spring, give your vehicle a thorough once-over under its hood. Check that belts and hoses aren't brittle or cracking. Check and refill fluids as needed: coolant, brake fluid, wiper fluid.

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